I know I’ve not been that great at showing photos of our house like I said I would. Part of it is because I want to wait until everything is done and unpacked before I show it. But at this rate, that may never happen. Ever.

So here we go. If your name is Nester like my sister, then you can move into an already cute house and nest it all up and show photos of that and everyone ooo’s and ahhh’s because you are just that good at the nesting. If your name is Nester’s sister like mine is, then you have to go out and find a house built in 1963 and take before photos so that your after photos look that much better.
Take this, for example. This is what the office looked like when we walked through the house for the first time. It also looked like this when we closed on the house because we are lunatics and let the previous owner leave all the trash to keep the price down.
I stood on the built-in desk for this one. Yes, that is an old copy machine. And no, of course it doesn’t work.
Here it is a bit more cleaned up. What I haven’t told you yet is that this office is actually the laundry room. But they were using it only as an office. Where did they wash their clothes, you ask?
In the kitchen, of course. Right next to the fridge. Duh. The after photos of that will come later. Apparently the woman who lived here before me had magic clothes that never got dirty. How else could she avoid having piles of dirty laundry on the kitchen floor? Besides, I would end up pouring marinade in the washer and downy on the chicken. But that’s just me.

The first thing we knew we had to do was hook up the washer and dryer back in the laundry room. When the house was built, that was the purpose of that room and someone along the way turned it into an office. The plumbing was already there just waiting to be used again.
Remember the 1963 orange cabinets?
All was did was paint them. We didn’t even replace the old hardware, as there are 21 knobs and pulls in there and it just isn’t a priority. I don’t even think they look that bad now that the cabinets are white.
I originally considered taking out the built-in desk. But once I saw it painted, I changed my mind. It’s so handy!
Notice I took some time to mistreat the window with my $10 fabric, a handful of upholstery tacks and some sage advice from the Nester. Speaking of sage, the wall color is Svelte Sage from Sherwin Williams in case you were wondering. Here’s one last look at the before…And the after.
Now I can fold my laundry while listening to Billie Holiday and checking my email. All I need is one more arm. Or two.