As promised, here is what we did with some of that fabric I bought last week. I am amazed by what that Nester can do with a hot glue gun and 5 uninterrupted minutes. Here is what our half bathroom looked like before we moved in.
Notice the custom made cornice board over this window. They were on nearly every window in the house.
And here it is today.
We haven’t changed the floor, the tiled wall or replaced the counter top and sink. I have begun to clean the grout on the floor in the far left corner, but I can only do it in small chunks. There is a lot of grout. We also haven’t gotten around to replacing the clam shell toilet seat, either. Though after seeing it in a photo, it has climbed several spaces on the priority list. But don’t you think it looks better already?
The fabric on the window was $5/yard and I had 4 yards of it. The ribbon was about $3 for the spool. The hot glue stick was about a penny. And The Nester, well…she works for 2 large pieces of chocolate cake. She did this window mistreatment in about the time it took me to walk upstairs, and take 1/2 a shower.
Here’s what I did with the leftover fabric. This one I actually did myself, though you and I both know where the idea came from.
See how hard that was? I already had that little tension rod and all I did was drape the fabric over it and fluff. Too bad our A/C vent is under that counter top. Who needs to be cool when you can be cute?