When we were kids, summer vacation lasted at least two and a half years, didn’t it? The excitement of the last day of school couldn’t be topped. It was as if there were a thousand warm miles of tree-climbing, pool-splashing, Barbie playing days ahead of us.

I think back to those long days and want to remember only carefree, but the truth is my kid days were filled with lots of worry. I worried about school starting back. I worried about tornadoes. I worried about robbers and flat tires and divorce.

The things we practice, we tend to get good at. My worry habit didn’t go away when I grew up. The worries just became more complicated. I learned how Jesus takes care of sparrows and lilies and basically knows everything, but that knowledge seemed to float on the surface, never really dissolving deep into my belief.

That is, until I didn’t have any other choice. Faith is often a last resort when everything else stops working. It’s ugly to admit, but sometimes ugly is the narrow road to true. What did it take for you to believe?