When true things don’t feel true, the world tips a little on its side. We see the sky but it sits sideways and it seems like the only way out is either to straighten up the clouds with the force of our own will or hide under the awnings until things start to look bright again.

But when the things that are true also feel like truth? It’s like a southern evening drive with the windows down. And we drive past the grocery store where we buy the ice cream and the library where we owe gratitude and a couple of dimes and all those things feel like small characters in a great big story and so do we.

A good story. A full story. A life.

I’m having a windows-down kind of Monday. I feel a re-connection to the people I love most and a calling I’ve said yes to and how it all fits together.

Tomorrow it will be different, at least that’s my plan. Even though true things are true no matter what, we can’t expect our feelings to always be following along with them. So we embrace the gifts of the good days when our loves are in line and our hearts feel full. We stuff those graces down deep into our pockets, so when the days get heavy and the wind blows strong, those gifts sit safe close to skin and the fabric of our jeans, pocketed for a time we need to remember.

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