the magic kingdom

We just got back from Disney World. I didn’t tell you how soon we were going because of all the robbers and arsonists out there who read my blog and may have targeted my house while we were gone. So thanks, faithful-reader-thief, for not stealing my laptop while my house was empty.

We had a great time with only two or three minor pull-out-my-hair moments. Ariel was just as fabulous as you all said she would be, with her tail and her rock and her long red hair. It took a day or so to get accustomed to feeling as though we had stepped into a parallel universe of happiness and cheer.

For me, there was always a vague sense that we were oblivious partakers in a sparkly dream-show orchestrated by an earily up-beat director who was watching our every move from the top of Cinderella’s castle saying “Here they come! Cue the Fairy Godmother!” And out she walks in front of us, greeting my kids with a sappy Hello, Princess! and welcoming outstretched arms. It was a little Truman Show-ish weird, not gonna lie. But seeing it through my kids eyes, it was pretty fantastic.