The girls, they come every Sunday night. For two hours, we sit together. Most times I feel lost, like I don’t know what I’m doing. I love them, but how to love them well? I don’t fully know.

I listen. They listen to each other. They talk about school, homework mostly. We eat dinner, dessert, laugh. It all feels normal now.

But this is their senior year.

A few years from now, we’ll look back and say remember when we used to eat together every Sunday night? That was a lifetime ago. We live so many lives in one.

And here’s something interesting. This whole I-wrote-a-book-for-high-school-girls thing gets complicated when I am also a small group leader. I am completely uncomfortable leading my own small group through my own book.

So girls, look at page 47 when I told this story about me and my big self.

It just feels weird and awkward to me.

I probably need to get over myself, but I just can’t seem to figure out how to make that feel normal.

Instead, I do it for you. The small group leader guide? The one that ate me for lunch and dinner? It’s ready.

If you are a small group leader and are planning to lead your girls through Graceful, I have a 14 page resource for you to use if you would like. Here it is:

 Download the Graceful Small Group Leader Guide for free

If you want to tell the youth pastor or small group leader at your church about the book, you can download and print this flyer to give to them. Or you can forward them the link.

But wait. There’s more! Today Annie and I are over at (in)courage with a sweet giveaway. There is a short video where we talk about the hard part of writing books for teen girls but also why we love it so much.

And last but not least, because I clearly have no shame, I leave you with Finn, because a dog has to be good for something. (Remember Finn? Yeah. We still have him).

Grace for the good dog.