A thankful heart does not come easy or for free. Some of the most deeply cultivated hearts of thankfulness belong to people who may have endured much suffering or those who seem to me to have little to be thankful for in this world.pinktulips

Several times over the past few weeks, the idea of being thankful has weaved its way into conversations and readings and other things. I’m beginning to become suspicious that maybe there is a conspiracy of thankfulness going on around me. I want to actively embrace it rather than ignore it.

What better way to grow a thankful heart than to notice on purpose the small and the sacred? So let’s do that. I would love for you to join me tomorrow and link up to share a moment that may have otherwise disappeared under the pile of daily tasks. Instead, stop. Notice. Celebrate. And be thankful.


And then, take a photo to share with us! Or treasure that moment up in your heart and spill it out in story form. It doesn’t have to be long, it just has to be authentic. Feel free to use this pink button I made for your post. If we continue to do Tuesdays Unwrapped, I may have Kate make me a button that actually matches my blog. But she is hard at work on the archive page so I didn’t want to distract her. Still, I look forward to celebrating with you.

And while we’re talking buttons, let me introduce you to my new little friend:

Chatting at the Sky

Hello. My name is cute little button and I want to live in your sidebar. Won’t you take me home with you? You are welcome to grab me from this post, but if that doesn’t work, no worries. My code will available soon for your sidebar adding pleasure.