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I want to be a daisy
unassuming, humble,
Willing to share my joyful face
wherever I am found.

In a prairie of grass
And alone,
I will tilt my face
toward the Son.

Bordered by peonies showy dresses
or the scandalous red of poppies
I’ll not be intimidated.

I won’t droop in the rain.

I will stand tall
And outlast them all.

I will pretend nothing.

I will smile

And be content to be me:
A bloom,
A delight to my Maker.

I want to be a daisy.
Washed pure white
With a heart of gold.

Kristina is a follower of Christ in pursuit of un-wavering joy. She home schools her three kids and is married to an entrepreneur. Together they ride the roller coaster of new adventures. She loves living under the open sky of rural Minnesota where every farmhouse window gives view to the glory of God. I am so glad to have Kristina here to share these few words with a big heart. To learn more about her, visit her at A Joy Walk.