Two years ago when my sister started this whole let’s-write-everyday-in-October thing, several of us emailed back and forth ideas for topics.

We started out serious, but when we all heard how ridiculous our ideas were at the beginning, it became a common joke that maybe we should just write about silence and frame our laziness and inability to think of something to write about with the pretense of being profound. We could call it 31 Days of Quiet and take the month off.

Today, I laugh because this week is going to be just exactly that, minus the laziness and pretense. There is nothing lazy about taking intentional time off to listen, to become aware of the inner workings of the soul, and to honestly confront whatever comes to the surface.

In my flesh, I would rather do anything else.

But these twenty days of writing have been leading up to an invitation to quiet. And for the next several days, I’m entering in to the curious place of listening. Since I won’t be posting for several days, here are some posts I’ve written in the past that may encourage you as you enter in to your own week, whatever hush may look like for you.

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