In the spirit of being thankful and celebrating the small things, I want to update you on the results of a post from the days of yore.

In other words, this post is long overdue. I am thankful for the free ideas you have all offered about what to do in my house. Unfortunately, I’ve not been so great at letting you see what I’ve actually done. For example, this project in my sunroom needed attention back in August. I read through all the wonderful ideas you had and then I proceeded to ignore them for the next 3 months.
Until now. Ms. J left a comment on the original post asking what I finally did with this wet bar space. It was just unused and strange, sitting there in the corner of the room.

I opted for practical and free over pretty and pricey and went with those of you who suggested we use it for crafts. I took out the wine rack to make space for books. But not before I lined the back with scrapbook paper.
Oops. Not enough. I can fix that.
Much better. Wanna see what’s in the tin?
Dinosaurs, snakes and various sea creatures. And a pink spoon. And a polly pocket umbrella. I like to keep this tin up high because if I have it within reach, guess what is always strewn about the sun room floor? Better to pull it out on a rainy day.

I also tried to think of a way I could use those wine glass holder things under the shelf.I have a bunch of these photo clips that I bought cheap before we got married.
Turns out they fit perfectly in the wine glass holder things (what do you call that?) Now I use them to hold photos and artwork.
Add a few crayons in a cookie jar and markers in a popcorn bowl, and we have ourselves a genuine crafting corner. Now it is ready for all that craft supplies they want for Christmas. Thank you for your advice!