“The linchpin, the engaged one, the graceful actor in an unfolding play — these people don’t seek to only inspect. They’re not traveling in order to tick a checkbox. Instead, they open themselves to the world they bought a ticket to, knowing full well that they will be changed. The toll of making change is that you will be changed.” –Seth Godin, Graceful

You’ll come back changed. He spoke in the dark as we pulled back the sheets. He spoke it loving and encouraging and all I could do was cry. What if I don’t change? What if I’m exactly the same? I don’t want change. I want to stay home and make spaghetti.

Those are the kinds of thoughts I have late at night when it’s all about me and my big self. But when the light comes up behind the trees and night turns itself over into day, I think much differently about our trip. Isn’t that how it always goes? The light carries with it sweet perspective that pours out and stacks up like Tetris blocks, the pattern so obvious you can’t believe you missed it before.

Whether you’re going on vacation or on a mission trip, consider the art of entering into the place where you are. Enter the story that is already taking place, wherever we are, wherever we’re going, and do it with delight. Resist holding on to comfortable like a worn out Linus blanket. Want to hear my new plan for this upcoming trip?

Believe God.

Love people.

Lift up your eyes from the place where you stand.

Leap into the story, eyes wide open.

Listen to the rhythm of a different kind of normal.

And take good notes.