There sure is no fooling you girls. You were right from the very first guesser: this was my very detailed nursing schedule from when the twins were born. I have every feeding recorded for the first three months because I am insane. I have never felt more out of control in my life than when I brought two babies home from the hospital.


This schedule represents the only shred of control I thought I had. I would religiously record every time they ate, how long it took them, which side and whether or not I had to supplement with pumped milk. The left column was Dot, the right was Lollipop. So those aren’t their real names, but I’m finding it increasingly difficult to talk about my girls as ‘she’.

I remember the day a nurse came to our house. She asked me a question about how much they were nursing and I pulled out the schedule with shaky hands, dirty hair flying in all directions, eyes wide and crazed with shock and lack of sleep. She took one look at it, one look at me, paused and said very firmly, “Stop writing in this.” I was over the top crazy. At the time, seeing it all there on the paper helped me feel like I was doing something measurable in the midst of the chaos that was life with two newborns. I didn’t stop after that, but I did lighten up a bit.


Enough about me. The winner of the Lisa Leonard family crest necklace is Anna, commenter number 240!

winnerWell, start imagining it Anna because you did win! Congrats. I emailed you. Or I will shortly. Thanks for coming out of the woodwork for the giveaway. It was fun to hear from some of you! Tomorrow I’ll post a photo of my non-haircut. Stay tuned.