When I saw congrats and squee!s for Melanie at The Big Mama Blog burning up twitter yesterday, I scrambled to find out her news. After refreshing her crashed blog 47 times, I finally read that she recently signed a contract to write a book for Tyndale! And I quietly rejoiced with her in my heart because I know her journey was not quick and easy. I know the fear and the responsibility that come out of the shadows as soon as you sign your name on the line above the word author. I know the unexpected panic that seems to accompany a book contract, the kind you are completely unprepared for, tempting you to want to do anything but write that book.

Might I tread lightly into uncomfortable waters for a moment? Am I wrong to say that sometimes when a blogger announces they have an agent and are writing a book for a publisher and everything, am I wrong to say that sometimes it can bring a heavy cloud of discouragement? Because even though everyone knows that one person’s success doesn’t decrease anyone else’s chances, sometimes it feels that way.

And so we sit in a corner of scarcity, fearing our ideas will never be read, heard, seen, or appreciated. Three years ago when I was busy working on a book proposal, I was sure any real person in publishing would laugh at my ideas all the way back to their big city book office. Sometimes it was difficult to hear the success stories because I worried there were secrets I didn’t know. I worried my ideas were ridiculous, my writing was mediocre, and my desire to write would always only be a desire. Nothing more.

If publishing is something you are serious about, if writing has always been your thing, please don’t allow discouragement to derail you in your journey towards publication. Might I offer you some encouragement today in the form of words from a friend and writing mentor?

Mary DeMuth has written a fabulous 300 page book called The 11 Secrets of Getting Published. And she should know. She wrote in obscurity for ten years with no book and no recognition. Now, she’s the author of 12 books and counting. This girl knows some secrets. One of the things I love about Mary is that she is relatable, touch-able, personable and honest. (Okay that’s four things). She is a successful author who has translated her work into tips and keys for the rest of us. And then she put them all in an ebook for us to refer to as much as we want. There are no secrets with her.

11 people who need The 11 Secrets of Getting Published:

  • a man or woman who wants to learn more about publishing or writing in general
  • anyone who wants to clean up their writing, hone their skills, and better learn the craft
  • anyone who needs encouragement on her journey towards publication
  • a writer who wants to write a book proposal and wants someone to tell them what to do
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  • a fearful writer who worries about both failure and success
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  • a fiction writer who needs direction and motivation
  • a writer who wants to learn more about the difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing
  • a blogger who is curious about publishing and what it might mean
  • anyone who has always wanted a writing mentor
Mary holds nothing back. She shares her own fears and frustrations on her journey and is a wise and encouraging voice for the rest of us. Not only does she share lots of practical advice on the craft of writing, she also uses stories and behind-the-scenes snapshots to remind us of the work it took for the success stories to become successful.

“Did you know that George Clooney appeared in The Golden Girls’ episode, “To Catch a Neighbor” in 1987? He was one of the two police officers who stayed in the women’s home as protection. And now what’s he up to? Anything he wants. But George had to work. He had to pretend he was a young police man on The Golden Girls. He paid his dues.”

Mary DeMuth, 11 Secrets

The 11 Secrets of Getting Published is only $4.99. For the cost of a venti frappuccino you can have Mary’s hard earned wisdom and advice at your fingertips. And it won’t give you a stomachache or cellulite. You can have it delivered to your Kindle, Nook, or email as a simple PDF. Today, Mary is giving away 10 copies to 10 commenters on this post! Simply leave your answer to this question to enter:

If you could write about anything in the whole wide world, what would it be? Magical fiction? A blog about cooking? A rich and full memoir? Short stories? A book about the love of God? A column in a magazine? Pay no attention to that voice of reason. Just answer honestly in the comments. Ten winners will be notified Friday September 29. Go.