There are these little people who live with us – little tiny people with great big wills. And they walk around the house, living their little lives out loud, the joys and the sorrows expressed in equally high-pitched squeals.


They don’t always do things the way I would like. In fact, most of the time they do things extremely other-than the way I would like. Sometimes I’m surprised at their choices. Other times I have to remember they’ve only been around for six years or so.

Sometimes I want to lock them in this house at the age they are right now, surrounded by the safe that I think I control. If they mess up, I’m here. I see it. I can guide and correct. And even though I lose my cool sometimes, I’m still their Mommy and I know what’s best, right?

And in saying it, I am taken back to the beginning of time when our Creator put two trees in the Garden: one for fruit, the other forbidden. He could have just made the good one so we wouldn’t have a chance to wreck it all up. He was not afraid to give us a choice right from the start.

He was not afraid, eventhough He knew what would happen.

Love continues to surprise me.