If you haven’t had a chance to read the comments from the last post, you are missing out. I have loved it…and man, does this freak feel normal! Here are a few highlights:

Most of you have a killer plan. Tonja even puts something in front of the door! And I hadn’t even thought of military wives. Laura and Mary are alone at night all the time. You are very brave women (for many more reasons than this, actually). Then there is Cath. Her husband is the firefighter chief so her plan (along with various booby traps around the house) is to call 911 and say she smells smoke so her firefighter fellas will come a runnin’…Brilliant!

It’s an interesting discovery to me that so many women have a plan because we will most likely never have to use it. In fact, we probably deep down don’t even seriously believe we will need to use it…if we did, would we really stay alone in the first place? I guess it comes back to what Tracey said: “If Jesus wants to take me via a murderer in our house, I’d rather be with Him anyway, and hopefully he will take my whole family at once.” Amen, girl…uhhh, I think.

Then there’s the feet. Angie’s baby girl is 45 pounds. She wears a 10.5 shoe and is only 2 years old. That is so awesome. Just goes to show the wide range of normal. Enough said.

Most surprising discovery: so many other people time themselves in the grocery store. I really thought that was just me. Nan even rewards herself with a donut if she makes her time. My kind of girl. Rosie times herself doing everything…this is hilarious to me, mainly because she thinks that is normal! What a freak! At least she doesn’t pee in the pool. Speaking of…

There sure are a bunch of pool pee-ers who read this blog.

I can’t tell you how fun this is for me. Your honesty is touching, really. So stay tuned…I have lots more freaky quirks to ask you about. I am determined to find one in common with Chickadee, who so far is way too normal. It is her birth-week, however and she wants to give you gifts so head on over there!