If I say Thanksgiving,
what is the first word that pops in your head?
Dinner, right?
Here is my table set for the occasion.

If I say craft project with 4 year olds?
Glue. Lots and lots of glue.

Let’s say I say trampoline.
You think toetouch. Naturally.
Props to the Nester for capturing this on the first shot.

What about pumpkin pie?
You must be thinking of June from Bye, Bye, Pie
and her husband Marvin, of course!
They joined us for coffee and dessert.
And no, she didn’t have pie.

What about dinner at The Mans Moms house?
Fruit bordered plates.
These are the dishes we always use for nice dinners at her house.
They are so familiar, I almost don’t notice them.

It was a good weekend with large helpings of both food and drama,
neither of which I got photos of, really.
I hope your time off and away was as nice as mine.