They come into the world helpless to feed themselves, to clothe themselves, to control their own bladder. They are dependent on us for everything. And everything they have needed has been provided. It has been a tough road with twins and a baby (who is really not a baby anymore, but that’s another post). It has been a challenging, exciting, blessed four years. And it is sweet, because at the ages they are now, they still think we know everything, can fix everything, can make everything better. I like that they think that.

But it is hard work knowing everything, fixing everything, making everything better. It’s a thankless job in many ways. A great job, but a thankless one.

So when it comes time for them to verbalize to their preschool teacher what it is they are thankful for, I am tempted to take offense. Because what are they thankful for? Hospitals. And the dentist. No, I’m not kidding.

But all I can do is shake my head and smile.