I went to the grocery store tonight. I came home with these and piled them on my counter.
It made me so happy to see all those fresh veggies waiting to be fed to my family. It also made me remember this wasn’t the first pile of veggies I’ve seen today.
I’ve actually been to the store twice. My first trip was this morning in my kitchen with two sweet little cashiers. And they didn’t even make me pay.

Our mornings aren’t always so fun and creative. But today, it just was. As I watched my girls pretend to shop at the grocery store, I thought about how they were imagining themselves to be real mommies with real babies at a real store. They were pretending to be me.

I kept waiting for them to snap at their baby dolls or shove a pretend cookie in their little pretend mouths. Of course, their pretend babies didn’t whine. But still. They were sweet and kind and patient. They were good mommies.

What an incredible responsibility it is to have a little audience all day, everyday, watching your every move. That is why on days like this, I can’t help but be thankful that somehow they are able to see beyond my faults and learn from me anyway.