A few weeks ago, The Man and I took the kids up to Blowing Rock for the weekend just because. We don’t take many just because trips, so that makes it special. I left the laptop at home and ate lots of ice cream and did lots of swinging with my shoes off.


And? I read a whole book. The book was Daisy Chain by Mary DeMuth and I loved it. Mary is gonna be at She Speaks in July and my very crafty plan is to corner her and casually ask her about the next book in the series, the one that isn’t out yet. I look so forward to that very awesome conversation that will go exactly as I plan. Anyway, it was the first fiction book I had read in a while and it made me remember how much I love to read stories.

It also opened my eyes to the fact that, though I’ve been doing lots of writing, I haven’t been reading so much lately. And I miss it. I miss characters and plot and a story I can jump into and get lost in after the kids go to bed. So I need your help. I know it is a really subjective thing and what you love may not be what I love, but I’m gonna walk on the wild side and take a risk here. Will you give me some ideas and tell me what is your favorite fiction book? I am giving you no guidelines and I know that is difficult for some of you. But just go with your gut. I need a good read and I can’t wait to hear what you have to say!