Need some perspective on that next load of laundry or the dreaded trip to the grocery store? My bloggy friend Laura linked up late to Monday’s Everyday Unwrapped post. I’m so glad she did.

Because even though I have been so encouraged by reading all the everyday moments from all of you, I have still gotten stuck in the daily drudge a time or two this week.

Her post is one of the things that helped unstick me. Here is an excerpt:

A death in the family tears you off of your feet and out of the everyday, unwilling, stunned into silence, glancing over your shoulder at what should have been as you begin walking the rut of the mourner. Gather at Mom’s house, wash dishes, murmur reassurances of eternal life through Jesus that land on unwilling ears…If only we could be grocery shopping, solving math problems at the school table, putting in the next load of laundry.

I’m almost convinced that circumstances are generally neutral. It is our perspective that causes them to be either a blessing or a curse. Hop on over to Laura’s site and read her eloquent and vulnerable account of finding life in the midst of death.