graceful video shoot postponed until tomorrow

Watching the weather is not a job I would sign up for. Of all the things in this world we can convince ourselves we have control over, this is one area where even the most stubborn and controlling among us are not fool enough to think we can keep it from raining.

For those of you planning to come out tonight for the trailer for my new book, Graceful, we have decided to postpone the shoot one day. The new plan is to shoot tomorrow night, Saturday August 11 at 5 pm. Same place as before. Tonight? It had better rain like it has never rained before. Tomorrow we pray for magic sun and playful shadows.

Thank you, my North Carolina friends. Here are the new details:

Updated information for the Graceful Trailer

Who: We need girls and women, ages 15 – 35(ish) –  you, your daughters, babysitters, college roommates, sisters and cousins

Location:  6100 West Friendly Avenue Greensboro, NC 27410  – The Coble Farm beside Friends Home West

Time: Saturday August 11 from 5  to 8:30 pm

RSVP: Visit the Facebook event page and click join. Then bring girls with you and tell them to join too! There will be no speaking parts, so don’t worry about that.

If you are under 18: We need you to sign this model release and bring it with you. If you are 18 or over, you can sign on site. If you are under that, you’ll need a parent/guardian to sign. You can print it here and bring it with you.