especially heather

Heather is telling her story. Softly. Honestly. Matter-of-factly. I couldn’t hear her from across the table, but I could tell what she was saying just by looking at those listener faces. I watched them watch her, straining to hear in the midst of the dinner noise, the women laughing, the waiters waiting. Frenetic life went on around them as they watched and listened and put themselves in her shoes, if only until the salads were gone. She didn’t ask to be an inspiration. Nevertheless, there she is. The fact that she exists is an encouragement to girls with the listening faces.

You have a story, too. And we will put on our listening faces as you see fit to tell it. That is why I am so excited about (in)courage. I believe this site will be a group of storytelling women, like these girls around this dinner table. Listening to the journey. Telling of the messy. And ultimately, being encouraged.