The vacation continues, but I wanted to pop in to tell you I finished The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks. I have to admit I simply did not like it. Somewhere in the comments, someone mentioned they thought Nicholas Sparks characters are rather flat. Though I cannot speak for all of his characters, I agree with that statement in this book.

My first clue was when I was half-way through the book and I was still subconsciously waiting for it to begin. For some reason I just didn’t feel protective or attached to these characters. Unfortunately for me, I am unable to stop a book mid-way through so I read all 420 pages. I won’t go so far as to say I always dislike Nicholas Sparks books, as I enjoyed reading The Notebook and The Wedding a few years ago. I know he is a successful writer and I have respect for writers of fiction. Even if it’s not my favorite.

the maytrees

With that in mind, I took the advice of Kari and Kelly and found The Maytrees by Annie Dilliard at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Lucky me it was on the bargain rack, hardcover for five dollars. I’ve only made it through the prologue, but the language and imagery so far has captivated me. Going from The Rescue to The Maytrees is like the beginning of a literary cleanse.

And? What’s up with me reading books called The something?  Anyway.