Most of you know the story about how I went from writing on a blog to writing books, but I plan to share it again next weekend with a beautiful group of women in Charlotte at the She Speaks Conference. It’s my story, but it can’t be just about me because who cares? And so I hope I’ve developed a talk that will encourage and spur on, giving at least a key-chain sized ray of light onto the writing path that is often times dark and somewhat lonely.

I do plan to share some of that talk here on the blog when the conference is over for those of you who can’t be there with us. But today, I’m talking about blogging over at SITS. They’re celebrating their third birthday over there and having all kinds of fun. There are a thousand beautiful blogs out there who have way more interesting and informed things to say about being a writer, but if you have any specific questions for me on the topic today, I’d love to hear what they are. Ask away in the comments and I’ll work on a post to answer them. Or I’ll at least direct you to someone who can.