Here on the east coast we are preparing for snow. As long as we don’t get ice instead, we hope to have a weekend filled with lots of this:


In random news, you can now subscribe to Chatting at the Sky through email, which means you will receive new posts in your inbox. Simply click subscribe at the top of the page and it will give you this screen:subscribe

For all this time, I’ve had that option turned off and didn’t realize it. Ooops. (Thanks, Dawn, for letting me know that!)

Speaking of BlissDom (weren’t we?), I’m going. As I’m busy not packing, I’m thinking about how I keep my clothes for 37 years and I still have shoes from college and I don’t know how to shop for the right stuff and I’m a terrible accesorizer. So I’m just gonna go with it. Sound good?

I look forward to helping lead two sessions, one on photography and one on writing –  my two favorite subjects. Mostly, I look forward to finally meeting some of my favorite writer girls. I’m going to try to make a concerted effort to lean to the left of my Meyers Briggs results and embody the part of me that is an extrovert. She doesn’t come out often, but she really is in there.