There are currently 10,339 photos on my computer. Needless to say, it’s running slooow. Slow is being forced on me against my will.

The blog is slow today, too. Thank you for your emails letting me know of the errors going on over here. I had no idea. I said out loud to myself that I feel more like I’m howling at the moon than chatting at the sky. And I thought I was so funny. Another forced slowing.

I don’t like traffic slow or phone slow or computer slow. But all slow isn’t bad. I crave soul slow. Perhaps if I find a way to fit some soul space into waiting for the page to load, I would be in a better place. Until then, I’ll be moving photos onto my hard drive, like the one of this cutie-patootie senior above.

Here’s to slowing down. I  look forward to doing so with you tomorrow for Tuesdays Unwrapped.