Slipping in here to say thank you. We’re 1/3 of the way through 31 Days to Change the World and I’m ever grateful you are joining me. We don’t always know where we’ll end up when we set out on a journey, but I’m so glad you’ve come with me so far. I also want to quietly whisper my thanks to the many of you who have visited your local Barnes and Noble bookseller to buy Grace for the Good Girl – my favorite email and text to get lately is this: I went by Barnes and Noble to get your book and they were sold out!¬†Many of you have said this and it thrills my heart. Because if they are sold out, that means those books are in the living, breathing, beautiful hands of women (and a couple of men). And that is just as it should be. Big Barnes and Noble took a chance on my little book and I am so thankful you are showing up to buy it. Thank you, Barnes and Noble. And thank you, friends.

I’m currently in a Canadian hotel room. Tomorrow morning I have the great privilege of sharing my grace stories on some TV interviews. I am nervous, thankful, and eleven shades of crazy. My luggage is somewhere in between here and Chicago. I just may show up in my airplane clothes. That will be awesome. Truly, though – I’m so thankful to be here. And telling you I’m here makes me not feel quite so alone in it. Pray if you think of it?