This entire blog is riddled with unimportant things about myself. I just wanted to get that out there. For some reason Heather from Mindless Junque, Tracey from Make Room For…, and Melissa from Higher Call have all decided they haven’t heard enough unimportant things about me. So they have tagged me. And the fact that they all did so within the past 24 hours has caused me to believe I really need to do this.

I know I have been tagged before. I apologize if you have tagged me and I didn’t play. It’s just I felt as though I have revealed oh-so-many unimportant things already: my dis-like of spoons, my murderer escape plan, the naming of my house, the fact that I time myself in the grocery store, my strong aversion to many words that begin with the letter P…I’m a freak. It is a well-documented fact.

But there is more. So here I go.

1. My fingers are kind of double jointed. When I was younger and my friends were less polite and grown up, they would sometimes ask what was wrong with my thumb. And I have more than once been known to pretend my fingers were legs and my finger tips, feet. I can do a mean moon-walk. When I am bored, you know.2. I was a cheerleader in high school. I was the one they threw in the air to do basket tosses. I don’t think they even call them that anymore. But it was so fun. And I always felt lucky that I got to be the one to fly.

3. I know The Wizard of Oz by heart. Partially because I have seen it so many times and partially because I have the script. In the form of a colorful, hardback book. That I found at a used bookstore. For $15. I know that might sound like a lot to you. But for me, it was a good day. A very good day.

4. I love maps. Sometimes I google map my house just to see where it is in relation to familiar places. It is important for me to have a sense of where I am, physically. I also love the weather channel for the same reason. While visiting NYC a few years ago, I sat on the bed in our hotel room and studied the map of Manhattan for…a while. And it was bliss.

5. I count on my fingers. In all situations. Every time.

6. I love minor league baseball games. When I was in middle school, we moved from our hometown in Indiana to the Quad Cities in Iowa. They had a minor league team at the time: the Quad City Angels. The field was beautiful, right on the Mississippi River. My dad and I would go and sit up high in the stands. Sometimes we’d get a program. Or popcorn. But mainly, we’d just sit. And listen to the baseball sounds. And I loved it.

So there you have it. Six more things. Tag, you’re it.