Since I’ve returned from BlissDom, I’ve been processing a lot of information that was shared, proof that we really did do more than eat, take photos, type on laptops and wear cute shoes. I am still wading through the facts and my opinions about branding, marketing, monetizing and social networking. But I am mainly thinking about blogging as a writer.

Last year, I attended the She Speaks conference held by Proverbs 31 ministry to equip writers, speakers and women in church leadership. I attended the sessions on writing and learned a lot while I was there.  I also attended the two sessions available about writing on a blog. Because of heightened interest in those sessions, P31 decided to expand the blogging aspect of the conference this year to include an entire track dedicated to blogging.


photo from Blogging Q&A session during She Speaks 2008.

Guess who is co-leading two of those sessions?

*crickets chirping*

*chirping stops abruptly*

*panic-stricken crickets stunned into silence*

*deep breath*

You guessed right. WHAT?! Are you kidding me?!  Last year I was glued to the edge of the wall near the exit during the bloggers mingle thing because I was nearing hyperventilation and didn’t know a single dingle soul. And this year I’m supposed to SPEAK?! Using my…voice? I did the writers track for a REASON, people.

If I wasn’t so excited about the topics, I don’t think I could do this. But it will be worth it. Defining and Refining the Purpose of Your Blog is the session I’m doing with my sister The Nester.  And Bloggy Photography 101 will be with Dawn of My Home Sweet Home which I’m not nearly as nervous about because Dawn is a real, bonafide grown up and I’m following her lead.

Not that my sister isn’t a grown up. Its just that sometimes when we’re together, we get the giggles. And then I start snorting and she has to sit with her legs crossed to keep from peeing and it is just generally not very inclusive or attractive. Or appropriate to do in front of an audience. At a conference. Where people have paid real money to attend. And learn something.


I am excited, nervous and apparently all shades of crazy. Not to mention eyebrowless, according to this photo. But I look forward to this summer for the opportunity to step into the unknown, as much as I hate everything about the unknown. It seems a long way off now, but registration is open so if you are thinking about coming, I would encourage you to sign up soon-like. The conference will be held in Charlotte, NC from July 31 – August 2. Now seriously, where are my eyebrows?

click here for the conference website