I have spent the last week cleaning my house like a woman gone mad. Evidently while I have been busy with my nose in my laptop over the past seven months, the toys in this house have been silently staging a takeover. Seriously, where did all this stuff come from? I open a drawer and Barbies and Pollys pop out with their bendy arms and scraggly hair and All. Those. Shoes. Needless to say, there has been a lot of organizing going on, and I couldn’t be more content.

In other news, I have arrived in Charlotte for the She Speaks conference, the sweet place where this whole thing began. I’ve been going over my notes for my session, trying to remember everything I will surely forget. The nerves are waiting giddy just beneath the surface. I’m trying to keep them calm, but every now and then they burst up and turn my stomach. It helps to remind myself that the women attending my session will be lovely and gracious. I know that because the women who attend She Speaks are always lovely and gracious. Here’s to hoping there wasn’t an influx of un-lovely, un-gracious registrants this year.