There really aren’t enough words, nor has there been enough time, to process all I would like to share with you about this past weekend. I mentioned on Friday how I was at She Speaks in Charlotte and a few of you were left wondering what She Speaks actually is. I continually make the mistake of assuming everyone can read my mind.

For you who haven’t yet heard, Proverbs 31 Ministries in Charlotte hosts She Speaks once a year. It’s a conference for women who are or would like to be writers, speakers or both. Some women come alone and have never had a word published. Other women come who have bookshelves filled with books they’ve written. And then there’s everyone in-between. This year there were around 600 women who attended, with 200 more on the waiting list.

Last year, they offered two sessions on blogging. This year they decided to expand the blogging track. Last year I did the writers track. This year, I co-taught/lead/giggled through two of the blogging sessions and then spent the rest of my time catching my breath, laughing with fellow bloggy types and listening to some mighty fine truth-telling.

I would love to chat it up about a few of the key points in my session with The Nester and see what you all have to say about some things. There are other things that will leak out as this week continues. But for now, this slow processor has nothing to offer but a blank, glassy-eyed stare.  As I tell you about She Speaks as the week goes on, I’ll do my best to make it less about She-Me and more about She-You. Here are a few of the She’s I was crazy excited about hanging with:

the shes

Stephanie from DaySpring, The Nester, Especially Heather, Jen, Holley, me and Dawn.