I have to talk in front of people exactly two weeks from today. I look forward to being at She Speaks among other women who are passionate about some of the same things I am. Still, I have to talk. In front of people. And there is no delete button on my mouth, unfortunately.

I know several of you are planning to attend and I just can’t wait to meet you for real! Then there is always the reconnecting with new-old friends from conferences past, like Lisa B. at Simply His who has a great, honest post about all that went on inside her head during last year’s She Speaks, Maybe you click…Maybe you don’t.

In the midst of preparations, nerves and all the excitement, I’ve been encouraged by Lisa B.’s post as well as some other posts I’ve seen while browsing my bloggy block.

Another Lysa knows what it is to feel called and small at the same time.

This lovely soul is a writer, editor, encourager and wisdom giver-outer. Her gifting, talent and sweet spirit are a blessing to so many and she just may be the only one who doesn’t know it. I am a fan for life.

Finally, I’m thankful for Cindy who is willing to be honest and real about fear and doubt and all those things I feel but don’t like to talk about. She puts it out there, and then she gives perspective.

I hope you are able to take a minute and visit these girls. While you do that, I’m going to be thinking about that She Speaking I have to do and brainstorming ways to rig up a delete button to the side of my head.