Tell Us About Your Next Right Thing

We’re celebrating 10 million downloads!

When I started The Next Right Thing podcast, I thought I would have things to say for about a dozen episodes or so. But it’s been three years and I am still not done talking about the transformative power of simply doing the next right thing and how it’s changing my life.

Over the years I’ve been grateful to hear from you via email, written letters, DMs, private messages and face-to-face what the podcast has meant to you. Now, 10 million downloads in, we would love to hear from you in your own words!

Use your voice memo app on your phone or computer to record a 60-second or less audio clip and tell us the following:

1. Your name and where you live.

2. Choose one of the following to answer (or if you talk fast, answer them all!)

— When was a time doing the next right thing made a difference in your life?

— Is there a specific decision you made as a result of listening to The Next Right Thing?

— What was your favorite episode and why?

3. Upload your voice file (mp3) by Monday November 9 using the link below:

We plan to feature some of the responses on a future episode of the podcast!

The deadline to submit your voice recording is Monday, November 9. We can’t wait to hear from you!

If you don’t want to send an audio recording but want to share your story, we would be grateful if you left a rating and review — here’s a link to leave a review on the Apple podcast.