This week, I’ve talked a little about smallness, making art, and living it, too. It’s easy to say “Let’s start small” but might be hard to actually do. What does that look like, exactly?

In an effort to turn intention into action, I’m pleased to finally share with you something I’ve been working on that I hope will do just that:

seven little ways to live artThis is a week-long companion to A Million Little Ways and will offer you small steps to begin to practice living art.

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Still here? Maybe that’s because you have questions. Here is the part where I imagine what questions you might have and then I answer them for you.

How do I get a copy?

Seven Little Ways is available for free to anyone who subscribes to my blog or newsletter via email – whether to my monthly-ish newsletter or to the blog posts. It is a digital file you can download and read on your computer. Simply visit this page to subscribe and you will receive a link to download the guide when you confirm your subscription.

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I’m a subscriber but I didn’t get the email

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Is this basically just a tiny version of A Million Little Ways?

I definitely review some of the concepts from the book, but it is not an overview of the book or a study guide. I wanted to offer something fresh and practical for you to use everyday for a week as you begin the new year. I hope that’s what this is for you.

What if I subscribe through RSS and not email but I still want the guide?

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That’s all the questions I can think of. If one comes to mind, ask it in the comments and I’ll try to address it there. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy it!