I hate to have to do this, but I’m writing another dog post. I don’t know what’s next after this. Will I set a place for Finn at the table? Let him lick me on the mouth? Who can say. Well, I can. I can say. I will not set a place for him at the table. But I will let him have a play date with his sister.

As soon as they got out of their car, I knew we were gonna have fun. I mentioned last weekend that Finn’s sister was coming to have a visit. They’ve not seen each other since they forged their way through the dark of night, warding off predators and scrounging for food as puppies alone in the harsh world. I wasn’t sure what to expect from her, and  I was a little worried she would be demure and delicate and Finn would eat her for second breakfast. But Rosie showed up equally energetic, half his size and ready to play. She didn’t have a pink bow between her ears, she made up for it with her pink, puffy jacket.

They wrestled for an hour and chased and barked and had way too much fun. I completely believe they recognized each other. If you want to see the entire ridiculous photo album, it is here on Facebook. I can’t imagine that you would be busy or otherwise occupied 2 days before Christmas. Really.