Reeve Coobs - Artists Who Influence

When we asked her to play a little something, she chose to move rather than hide. She chose to say yes even though it was last minute, even though we only had an old, out of tune guitar in the room, even though she wasn’t prepared. She said yes and shared her gift with us.

Here’s what happened next. You may need to click over to the blog to view the video.

The owl pillow in the background was purely coincidence. Though we had a videographer there, it was for something else we were doing. This moment wasn’t planned for or produced but I’m glad it was captured in time because it’s evidence of many years of Reeve accepting the shape of her design, evidence of her embracing her own unique voice, evidence that art has already happened within her. The song is proof.

When we asked her to share, she sang for us there on my sister’s sofa, and we all listened to her tell her story. And in the telling, we heard a little of our own.

It was risky for her to say yes but she did it anyway. That’s why Reeve Coobs is an artist who influences.

To learn more about Reeve and her music, visit her here. Today is day 12 in a month-long series called Artists Who Influence.