I realize that, of all the people in the world (more specifically those who read this blog), I am the one who most enjoys the things my kids say. I try to be sensitive to that, kind of the same way I try to avoid telling my labor and delivery stories in the midst of other moms. What is it with that anyway? All it takes is one pregnant woman in line at a children’s consignment sale, and all of a sudden, 3 women are telling their labor stories simultaneously, not responding to one another except as an excuse to launch into their “Well, my water also broke at 3am and then we…” Drives me nuts. True story, by the way.

So, even though I realize I am the one who gets the most kicks over what comes out of the mouths of my babes, I thought the following snapshots into our days were worthy to share with the masses (all 10 of you). The following are things they’ve said in the past week, with a bonus quote from a fellow mom at the end:

  • In the car, on the way to preschool, each twin has a doll. Their conversation, word for word:

AG: My mommy’s home but my daddy’s not…he died.
S: Oh. Maybe God can bring him back
AG: But you can’t see him cuz He’s all around.
S: I see Him under my bed.
AG: How ’bout you be God.
S: Ok. Hi. I’m God.
AG: Hey, how ’bout you be Mary.
S: Ok. I’m Mary. (singing) Mary had a little lamb, little lamb…

  • Said in a loud whine, “Mommy, I really want to get in my mouth…”
  • To my mom in the midst of crying while pointing to the air beside her, “Look! There’s other me. See her? She’s right there.” (should I be worried?)

  • Walking past a restaurant, one twin sweetly declares, “I smell a beeaaauutiful hot dog.”
  • And one more quote, not from my kids, but from a mom at a birthday party last weekend (also my personal favorite):

kid at party: Mommy, can I have another piece of cake?
Mom: No honey, I want you to have something healthy first. Here’s a chicken nugget.