a million little ways watercolor lettersOn the weekends during the month of October, I want to share some fun finds with you. This weekend it’s these lovely watercolor letters painted by Emily Jones at Jones Design Company. She offers a tutorial on how to do these yourself (do it!) or if you’re me, you will buy the downloadable version of the ones she’s already done (do it!)


To print these adorable letters visit Emily’s shop and download using Adobe Reader (click the red arrow in the shop until you see the watercolor letters).

The best part? Emily offered a discount especially for us! Use this code for 50% off: ARTFUL 

Print from home or your local print shop (Staples, FedEx Kinkos, Office Depot}. You can use regular ‘ole paper or you can get fancy and buy watercolor paper which is what I did. They look like legit watercolors!

green block 31 daysThis is day 6 of our series, 31 Days of Living Art.

P.S. Just a quick mention here at the end – I want to truly thank you – it’s been a fun week with the release of A Million Little Ways. I am so thankful for your kind support, shares, reviews, and general excitement over this new book. Would love to see you with your copy of the book. Just use #MillionLittleWays on Twitter or Instagram.million little ways