You know how when you were a kid and you said your own name 100 times in a row out loud and it started to sound really weird? And you wondered how in the world anyone could name their child that weird sounding name? But then you waited a few minutes and then said it out loud again it sounded normal?

That’s kind of where I am with this blog.

I am honestly kind of weirded out that I have one. I’ve met several people lately with about 3 degrees of separation between us and they have said they read my blog (hi 3 degree away people!) which is great. And no big deal to me if you lurk. That’s part of having a space on the internet as far as I’m concerned.

But it’s kind of weird, isn’t it? Right? I’m all Hi. I’m Emily. What’s your name? And they’re all Hi! I’m so-and-so and I really like your new house and the color in your kids room and my fingers are double-jointed too. And it’s kind of fun. Until I realize Wow. I have nothing new to say to this person because they already know EVERYTHING ABOUT ME.

Okay. Maybe not everything. But you know what I mean? Is this weird? Or have I just said my name too many times in a row and I need to give it a bit and it will seem normal again? Does anyone else think this way? Am I asking the wrong audience?