A Prayer for Self-Acceptance

We roll our eyes at the unique snowflake rhetoric, but just because it’s cliché doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

Though we may saunter into this week as a people who have it all together, You see how our souls are stumbling.

When will we learn to stop trying to hide from You?

Reveal the complicated narrative of self-rejection that we have told ourselves all of our lives.

Bring the false stories to the surface, we pray.

Because for all the ways we’ve experienced healing, we know there is still much within us that remains unseen.

Shine the warm light of grace into the shadows and be the courage we need to respond.

Hold shame back with Your powerful hand and extend to us Your Father kindness, we pray.

Though we are grown on the outside, we are small within.

Embrace us in our littleness.

As we turn our face to You, may we see our true selves reflected in Your gaze, not as a people who have a spirit of fear, but one of power, love, and a sound-mind.

May we refuse to condemn ourselves as hypocrites simply because we don’t feel powerful, loving, or particularly sound of mind.

Instead, may we embrace the truth – that a hypocrite is not acting contrary to how we feel, rather it’s behaving contrary to who we are.

And in Christ, we are the loved and the loving. This is our truest story.

Spin us back out into the world as people who know who we are.

Surprise us with a joy we cannot explain.

Go with us as we show up as ourselves in the presence of others.

emily p. freeman

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