A Monday Benediction

We confess that we are stumbling through connection.

We confess how most of the time we would choose to offer advice, answers, expertise or solutions than we would to offer ourselves.

But you didn’t come as an expert. You came as a baby.

You didn’t come to solve our problems. You came to save our life.

Slowly we’re beginning to see that instead of a map, you offer us your hand.

Instead of an answer, you offer us your presence.

Instead of control, you offer us a cross.

Help us to see your presence as the actual answer we long for. Remind us that you are enough.

As we learn to release our obsession with building our lives, help us to trust in the new life you are building within us.

Thank you Father, for sending your son.

Thank you Jesus for coming down to be with us.

Thank you Holy Spirit for never leaving us alone.

You are our safe place to feel insecure.

May we receive one another the way you have so kindly received us.

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