a prayer for kindness

In a world where the rhetoric of leaders often sounds more like the taunts of a playground bully, it’s easy to lose hope for kindness.

We admit it feels a bit like bringing flowers to a gun fight.

Teach us, Father, how to respond in love and not in fear.

Teach us what it means to speak with conviction without using words as weapons.

Teach us to carry both strength and gentleness, to offer kindness even in our anger, to listen before lashing out.

Remind us that kindness is not a nice thought for the grandmothers but a natural outcome for every image bearer who lives life in the Spirit.

You have given us a spirit of love, kindness, gentleness, and self-control. Show us what it means to offer these gifts to our neighbors, teachers, families, and leaders with confidence, conviction, and a sound mind.

May Your kindness be our steady filter and our sure companion.

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