A Prayer for the Hectic Times

We come to You as our insides shake with constant activity.

We are distracted.

We aren’t sure what big task to tackle next.

We lack inspiration.

We are having a hard time making a decision.

We keep waiting for a break but the promise of rest feels like a tease.

We are accustomed to ignoring this low-grade anxiety. It’s just a normal part of an active life! we say.

Meanwhile, we struggle.

This might be typical, it might be common. But let it not be normal, Lord.

When You walked the earth as a man among men and women, were you ever in a hurry?

Did your insides shake with chaos?

Did You ever throw your hands up in overwhelm because You had just had it?

Did You ever have panic attacks over all there was left to do?

We know the answer.

But let it not lead us to shame and condemnation.

The what would Jesus do mantra doesn’t really help us, as if You are somewhere out there and we have to try our best to copy You.

It isn’t true.

Instead of carrying shame because we can’t figure out how to calm this hustle, we rejoice with confidence that we don’t have to undo ourselves.

We don’t have to figure our way back to the light and easy way of Jesus.

Because You have already made Your way to us.

We have Your Spirit living within us, which means there’s hope for us after all.

You give us the courage to meander.

You are the patience we need to finish each task, one step at a time.

You invite us into each moment to simply do the next right thing in love.

Give us the wisdom to listen to Your voice and to face the next moment with kindness toward others as well as ourselves.

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