“Art is when we do work that matters in a creative way, in a way that touches [people] and changes them for the better.”

Seth Godin


For twenty days now we’ve been talking about living art – exploring what it means to move toward what makes us come alive, to do work that matters, and to be humans and not robots.

Are you made in the stunning and spectacular image of God?

Do you believe you have something to offer?

When you become ware of a scrap of a desire, do you toss it aside and label it selfish instead of considering it sacred?

I’m compelled to speak to this. I’m compelled to poke souls awake.

I’m not an artist, you might say, I’m a banker. A teacher. A trash collector.

Remember, you may not be an artist by profession. But you are an artist by design.

You have something to offer your world, but maybe you feel stuck, unable to move forward into what might be next.

I want to invite you to join us at (in)courage today as we begin Day 1 of our book club, reading through A Million Little Ways together.

If you just want a little glimpse into how this book club will work, please watch this short video (subscribers click here to view) and you will hear exactly how this is going to work. (And witness the uncontrollable movement of my hands). Here is the introduction video:

I am so excited about going through the book with you! I will be hanging out in the comments over at (in)courage as much as I can because I am thrilled to interact with you, to answer questions, and hear about the art you are living.

I’ll continue to post here daily in October, continuing this series on Living Art. But today I wanted to be sure you knew about the opportunity to read Million with a group of people.

How Do I Join the Book Club?

Great question! It’s simple:

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