Do you have a no mentor? Someone who helps you find both your brave yes and your life-giving no?

If you’ve been around here for any amount of time, you know my sister Myquillyn is my No Mentor and today I’m thrilled to host her as my guest.

In these special episodes, I’m sitting down with a guest to talk about their decision-making habits, regrets, quirks and questions. My sister Myquillyn, who you may know as The Nester, recently released her second book, Cozy Minimalist Home, which is was an instant Wall Street Journal bestseller and continues to bring joy and inspiration to homes nationwide.

We’ve talked before about how we all have unique ways of approaching decisions in our lives – either from our head, our heart, or our gut or intuition.

Myquillyn leads with her head — which is why I love this conversation because she points out the importance of making choices that bring joy, even for a thinker like her. Listen in.

Where to find Myquillyn:

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