Earlier this week I gathered in my hometown to celebrate the release of The Next Right Thing and to thank the people who have helped to bring this book into the world.

Here’s where you can listen in on the night we had together. We only took out some of the context-specific thank you’s and extra things that didn’t lend themselves well to a podcast episode. But mostly, it’s all in there and I hope you enjoy it.

Because it was recorded live, it has a different feel than our weekly episodes, but hopefully you’ll hear some familiar beats and feel the spirit is the same as always.

Grateful to special guests Kendra Adachi (The Lazy Genius) and Myquillyn Smith (my sister, The Nester) as well as my husband, John Freeman. If you haven’t met him yet, after you listen you’ll understand why those who know him love him.

I’m delighted to say the book is officially here and you can get a copy at your local Barnes & Noble, Amazon, or wherever books are sold, online or in person. Visit NextRightThingBook.com to learn more.