Because we believe life with God is better than life without God, then wouldn’t it make sense for us — to the best of our ability, to the extent that it is within our capacity to choose — to design our lives in such a way that our lives sing in harmony with the kingdom of God? That’s what a rhythm of life is for. I’d love to help you create one.

Here in North Carolina, we’re flirting with spring and maybe in the slow transition between seasons, you’re gearing up for the second quarter of the year: looking at calendars, plans, trips, and weekly commitments. There’s a chance 2019 already has you overwhelmed with your schedule and the decisions that need to be made are piling up.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the little steps in front of you and you wish you could just take a step back and see the big picture — or maybe you have stepped back but aren’t sure what to do with what you’ve learned about the big picture, then today’s episode is for you.

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