“Today as we face our dishes, our proposals, our classrooms full of the future; as we sit to create, to write, and to live on purpose, may the promise of growth outweigh our fear of stumbling. May we remember how swiftly perfect love drives out fear. May we know what it means to make art with our hands, in our souls, and with our lives.”

A Million Little Ways

Maybe your hesitancy to make a decision stems from a pervasive fear of making a wrong choice, taking a wrong turn, or missing out on what might be best because you lack all the necessary information. And so you feel stuck, unable to make a move.

If your fear of making a wrong choice is keeping you from making any choice at all, my hope for you is by the end of this episode you’ll find a bit more peace and maybe even one simple next right step you can take toward making a decision before the sun goes down tonight. 

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