Like the trees in my front yard shedding brown leaves as snow comes too much, too soon, we make room for something new even though it comes too fast, even though it might feel dangerous, even though we aren’t quite ready. We make room.

Today’s episode is brought to you by a foot of snow and my computer battery — we’ve lost power at my house so I have to ration my battery life. The upside of recording episodes so close to release is that the content is always fresh and hopefully relevant.

The downside? When you get a record snowfall in your city and your power goes out the day you’re supposed to record. And so it goes.

Hopefully the quiet on my end will translate to peace on yours.

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The Quiet Collection for Christmas is available from now until December 11, 2018. In this 14 day audio devotional series, I would love to help you:

  • approach December with new hope and fresh eyes
  • set your mind before you start your day
  • find relief from seasonal anxiety
  • discern your next right thing in love

The Quiet Collection for Christmas