“In a profound way, our intentionality is a key ingredient determining whether we notice God everywhere or only in church or only in suffering or nowhere. It all depends on how we choose to fashion our world.”

Elizabeth Dreyer, Earth Crammed with Heaven

One easy way to make more informed decisions in your life is to reflect on past decisions you’ve already made. Our choices define our lives – not just the ones we’re carrying now about our future, but also the ones we’ve already made in our past. 

Wouldn’t we do well to bring them to mind and see what they have to teach us?

In this episode I’ll share my own simple rhythm of reflection in hopes that it could inspire you to come up with your own way — it’s what works for me so of course you can take what you like and leave the rest. I’ll share in 3 parts:

  • When I like to practice reflection
  • What I pay attention to in reflection.
  • How I practically do it.

Links + Resources From This Episode: